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As Institutes are rushing or being pushed to embrace online education, they might want to take pause. Most students prefer connecting with teachers and fellow students and don’t want to take all of their classes online now days.
Students preferred direct instruction if they expected a course to be difficult for exams and knowledgeable for their future.They also preferred a face-to-face setting when studying subjects they considered interesting or important.
Many students say that they learned more when the instructor is present.The overall findings suggest that demand for online courses may be less than advertised!  That consideration may become more important as many institutes move toward greater online offerings as a way to increase access and lower costs.




We are trying our best to make the students perfect in all subjects for which there are special arrangements for conducting tests and checking of Answer Sheets by experts in the subjects for ensuring true evaluation and increasing the hold of the students on subjects before exams…..!!!!!

The difficulty level set out in the tests closely resemble ICAI’s exam pattern. This is the best way for removing exam fear from the minds of students and they also learn about time management tips and tricks.

This helps to gain confidence and reduce undue stress before the final examination.

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